• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland



  • Polish citizenship is granted by the President of the Republic of Poland.


    Applications are submitted through a Provincial Governor (wojewoda) or a Consul (for applicants residing abroad), or by post with an officially certified signature. A foreigner with parental custody of children under 18,will also need to include the children’s personal information in the application.


    Polish citizenship granted to parents is extended to children in their custody.

    Children are included in the decision if:

    - children are under the applicants’ sole custody, or

    - the other parent has given consent before a proper authority (eg a Consul) that the children may be granted Polish citizenship.

    Children over 16 must express their own consent before a proper authority (eg a Consul) before being granted Polish citizenship.

    The provisions of the Code of Administrative Proceedings are not applied in the procedure of granting Polish citizenship, except where they concern the service of a decision by the President of the Republic of Poland.


    Required documents

    The application should be submitted in Polish, dated and signed.

    Original documents should be presented at the Consulate.

    Foreign documents should be translated into Polish, and the translation should be certified by a Consul.


    The applicant should submit the following documents:

    • the application form
    • documents proving identity and citizenship
    • other documents confirming information provided in the application form, eg the applicant's marriage certificate or other document proving his/her civil status, documents confirming identity and citizenship of the spouse, documents confirming identity and citizenship of minor children included in the application, documents confirming Polish citizenship (or its loss) of ancestors or descendants, documents confirming professional, political and social achievements etc
    • photograph/photographs (no more than six-months old, passport size) of the person/persons concerned in the application


    Consular Fee

    The application fee is £285. Fees may be paid in cash, by card or by postal order to the Consulate General of Poland in Edinburgh, and  are non-refundable.



    In order to make an appointment please send an email to edinburgh@msz.gov.pl



    The Consulate and the Chancellery of the President of Poland may require additional documents and/or an interview with the applicant.

    Documents submitted at the Consulate will not be returned and cannot be used for other purposes.

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