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  • On May 15th, 2012 the provisions of the Law on Polish Citizenship of April 2nd, 2009 came into force introducing a new institution in Polish law - the restoration of Polish citizenship.

    Polish citizenship may be restored to foreigners who used to hold Polish citizenship, but lost it before January 1st, 1999 based on the events referred to in the Law:

    • Article 11 or 13 of the Law on Polish Citizenship of January 20th, 1920;
    • Article 11 or 12 of the Law on Polish Citizenship of January 8th, 1951;
    • Article 13, 14 or 15 of the Law on Polish Citizenship of February 15th, 1962.

    Polish citizenship will not be restored to a person who voluntarily joined - in the period between September 1st, 1939 to May 8th, 1945 - military service or held public office in the Axis countries or their allies, or acted against Poland, especially its independence and sovereignty, or participated in human rights violations. Polish citizenship will not be restored if it constitutes a threat to national defense, national security or public order.

    Polish citizenship is restored by the decision of the Minister of the Interior on the request of the person concerned. A foreigner living outside of Poland should submit a request through a Polish Consul.

    The provisions of the Code of Administrative Proceedings are applied in this procedure.


    Required documents

    Applications should be submitted in Polish, dated and signed.

    Original documents should be presented at the Consulate where they will be copied and certified.

    Foreign documents should be translated into Polish and the translation should be certified by a Consul.

    The applicant should submit the following documents:

    • application to the Minister of the Interior for the restoration of Polish citizenship
    • documents proving identity and citizenship
    • documents confirming the information asserted in the biography
    • documents certifying any change of name
    • documents confirming the loss of citizenship (if available)
    • name and address of a person in Poland, authorised by the applicant to receive correspondence from the Ministry of Interior (Pełnomocnictwo do doręczeń )

    Consular Fee

    The application fee is £32, paid in cash, by card or by postal order to the Consulate General of Poland in Edinburgh. The fee is non-refundable.

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