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  • Registration of civil registration records that have been issued abroad are prepared in the registrar's office for the district where the applicant resides. In exceptional cases, the transcript can be made in the registrar's office serving the district where the last home residence was or where the burial place is located.

    A person who intends to register (transcribe) a foreign death certificate should submit the following documents:

    1. an application for a transcript directed to the proper registrar's office
    2. an original full copy of the death certificate issued by the proper local registrar's office
    3. a translation of the document made by a sworn translator in Poland or by a Consul. The fee for this service is £24. If translation was made by a local translator in the United Kingdom it has to be verified by a Consul. The consular fee is also £24.
    4. the birth certificate of the deceased person and marriage certificate, if that person was married at the moment of death
    5. an identity document for the applicant
    6. a document confirming the applicant’s relationship with the deceased person - for example, a birth certificate or a marriage certificate.

    The submitted  certificates and translations will not be returned. After registering the certificate, the Consul will deliver the Polish civil registration document to the applicant, together with his or her decision about recording it in the Polish register.

    Amendment and correction of a foreign certificate

    Foreign death certificates, including those issued by the authorities in Scotland and Northern Ireland, frequently do not contain all the information required to make a decision and to issue copies of the Polish civil registration document. Thus, the Head of the Polish registrar's office will make a decision about an amendment and/or correction of such a certificate.
    When submitting this application, a request should be made for an amendment and correction of the information. Enclose all relevant documents, for example, birth or marriage certificates.

    Consular fee for the transcript of the death certificate is £40.


    Civil registration documents from third countries

    Registration documents issued by third countries can be done only by Polish Consul in the country where certificate was issued or directly in registry office in Poland.

    If the civil registration document was issued by a country that is a signatory to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 (Dz.U. from 2005, No. 112, item 938), there is no requirement to legalise foreign official documents.
    In place of legalisation, the Convention introduces a single certificate called an "Apostille", which is attached to the document or placed inside the document itself.

    The certificates are issued by appropriate national offices in each member state of the Convention: A list of the offices can be found on this page:
    Additional information can be found on the pages of Polish foreign offices.
    A list is available on this page:

    If the certificate was issued by a country that is not a signatory to the Hague Convention, you should contact a consular office of that country to obtain a consular legalisation.


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