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    Please note that in accordance with the Act of 13 July 2006 on passport documents reporting the loss of the document is made in person at the nearest consulate of the Republic of Poland. Reporting requires completing the application form. The person making the report should have a valid document with a picture with them.

    Please also note that the loss of a valid passport through fault of a holder will result in the raise of biometric passport fee by 200%. Therefore, in case of loss of passport through no fault of the holder, the applicant should present a proof of that fact (police report, correspondence with DVLA, Royal Mail or Home Office).

    2. Loss of a Polish IDENTITY CARD

    Please be advised that, in accordance with the current legally binding Acts, the holder of the identity card residing outside the territory of the Republic of Poland can report the loss of the document in person at in the nearest consulate of Poland by submitting a special form (available at the office or online). The loss of a Polish ID can be reported also by standard post, e-mail or fax.


    We kindly inform you that there is no need for booking an appointment to report a loss of your documents. However, you should book an appointment if you wish to apply for a new document in the same day.

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