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  • The image must have been taken within the last six months. It must be taken from directly in front (en face) with the mouth closed, and with a natural expression  - not smiling. Eyes must be open, and not covered with hair. No hat or dark glasses may be worn.

    The photograph must be high resolution, in colour, with a light-coloured background.

    Size 3.5cm x 4.5cm,


    Further information

    Please check:

    • Spectacle wearers: the eyes must be clearly visible, the edges of lenses and frames should not cover the eyes, and the lenses of glasses must not be reflective
    • If you need to wear glasses with dark lenses, please submit the relevant disability certificate
    • Photo with covered head: this is permitted only for religious reasons. Please submit a certificate of membership of a religious community registered in Poland. The whole face (from chin to forehead) must still be clearly visible.

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