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  • An application for a new passport must be submitted personally, due to the need to scan fingerprints, from the Polish Passport Act of 28th of August 2006.



    Polish Consulate General in Edinburgh kindly informs that a Polish citizen can leave the territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland only on the basis of a valid passport (i.e. a full passport, temporary passport) or a valid Polish identity card.

    Please also note that the above-mentioned documents have ever been reported as missing are invalid. The Consulate is not responsible for planning the journey without a valid document allowing cross the border.

    Considering the above, we kindly remind you to check the identity documents before buying a ticket to travel outside the UK. The possession of the ticket does not entitle you to have an earlier appointment passport set.

    We would also like to inform you that an application for a passport can be made only by the person indicated on the booking confirmation of the meeting. Any form of transferring the confirmation to a third party will not be accepted by our office. At the same time we encourage you to cancel your meeting if you are not able to appeal. This is possible through the booking system. By doing so, you will allow others to take advantage of the available date.


    Biometric passport for an adult


    Documents required:

    1. Valid or recently expired Polish passport or a Polish ID card

    2. PESEL number (Polish ID number)

    3. If you don’t have any Polish passport or ID - document confirming personal information (Polish birth and marriage certificate even if born/married outside of Poland)*

    3. Two passport photos

    *Waiting time for a passport may be longer because our office needs to confirm in Poland the person’s image from their Polish ID.


    Biometric passport for minors



    1. Presence of both parents (if mentioned in birth certificate of the child) holding their valid Polish passport or Polish identity card (no other document, including British or Polish driving license, will be accepted)**.

    2. Presence of a child over the age of 5

    3. Valid or recently expired Polish passport or a Polish ID card of a child or its Polish birth certificate

    4. PESEL number of a child

    4. Two passport photos

    5. For children over the age of 13 we require a confirmation of their student status (Young Scot Card, confirmation from a secretary of the school, student card). The confirmation entitles to a 50% discount on the passport fee.


    Standard waiting time for biometric passports is about 1 or 1,5 months.


    If you don't have a PESEL number you can obtain it by submitting:

    1. An application form

    2. Polish birth certificate

    3. Polish marriage certificate: for people who have changed their name after marriage.


    If you don't have a Polish certificate:

    1. Foreign birth and marriage certificates must be registered at the registry office in Poland. Further information is available in “Legal issues”.


    Temporary passport for a child born in the United Kingdom and not yet registered in Poland


    1. Presence of both parents (if mentioned in birth certificate of the child) holding their valid Polish passport or Polish identity card (no other document, including British or Polish driving license, will be accepted)**.

    2. Presence of a child over the age of 5

    3. Original of a full British birth certificate of a child

    4. Two passport photos

    A temporary passport for a child born in the UK who is under the age of one year will be issued for 12 months. A child over the age of one can only obtain a temporary passport for 3 months. We kindly encourage parents to register their children in Poland first, and then apply for a biometric passport. Children born outside Poland must be registered for them to obtain a biometric Polish passport or a Polish ID (possible only in Poland).


    **If one of the parents cannot be present during the passport meeting of the child, they should sign a written consent for issuing the passport. A Notary Public (in the UK), Polish Consul or a head of Polish passport department must authenticate the consent. The original of this document, with a date no older than 6 months from the date of passport meeting) must be brought to the passport meeting by the other parent.

    In the situation when one of the parents is not reachable and obtaining of a written consent is not possible, the Consul will accept a Polish or British court order which states that the parent is deprived of their parental rights or his rights are limited (obtaining a passport must be out of their rights). There is also a possibility of obtaining a British court order called “Specific Issue Order” which allows one of the parents apply for a passport on their own without the consent of the second parent. Parents interested in obtaining such an order must go to a family court closest to the place of living of the child. The Consul will not accept any court orders with a date older than 6 months from the date of a passport meeting.

    If an order does not meet the date requirements, please, contact an appropriate court (the one which issued the order) and ask for confirmation of the order’s legal validity – a copy with a current date or a stamp with a current date on the old order.


    Temporary passport while waiting for a biometric passport


    Documents required for obtaining this passport do not differ from the ones mentioned above (both for adults or for minors). Application for this passport is submitted together with an application for a full passport. This passport is issued for 2 months and should be returned, if still valid, when you pick up the full passport.


    A temporary passport may be issued in other following instances:

    - to a person residing temporarily in Poland or abroad, to return to their place of permanent residence

    - to a person residing in Poland or abroad, in documented emergencies associated with serious disease or funeral of a family member

    - to a person residing in Poland or abroad in the documented cases of emergency related to their professional activities.


    Standard waiting time for a temporary passport is 7 days.


    Passport collection


    A person who applied for a passport (any) in person at our office must pick up their document. The applicant should present a Polish previous passport or a Polish ID card while collecting their new passport. In the case of a passport for a minor, one of the parents holding their valid Polish passport or ID card is enough. Please note that you must hold a previous valid passport while collecting a new one. 


    If the applicant wishes to receive their passport via Royal Mail due to the distance of their place of living to the Consulate, they have to sign a special application in person during passport meeting and buy beforehand a Special Delivery envelope. The envelope should hold the address of the applicant as well as a special delivery stamp or paid up to 100 g. The new passport will be sent to the address given in the application form. We do not take any responsibility for mistakes in the address on the envelope. If the applicant holds a previous and still valid passport in the moment of application, we encourage them to leaving it together at our office, so that we can cancel it and send it with the new one. If the applicant is not willing to do so, they need to send their current passport to our office as soon as they know the new one is ready. Both passports will be send back to the applicant. Our passport office is not responsible for lost, late delivery or non-delivery of the parcel and for other negligence caused the fault of the Royal Mail.










    1-year (first passport for a child born in the UK)


    temporary passport while waiting for 10-year or 5-year


    replacement of lost passport

    £262 (lost 10-year)

    £167 (lost 5-year)



    Reduced payment is taken from:


    Pupils and students - a student card/ confirmation from school must be shown


    Pensioners and veterans who present a proper and valid Polish card or pension receipt


    Persons over 70 years of age



    At the Consulate General in Edinburgh fees can be paid by cards, postal order, issued to "Consulate General of the Republic of Poland" or by cash.


    WARNING! "Personal Cheques" are not accepted.

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